Municipal Lien Search & HOA Estoppel

Municipal Lien Search

A Municipal Florida Lien Search from Property Debt Research will investigate any code or permit violations, unrecorded liens, real property taxes and utilities that are associated with a property in the state of Florida and Nationwide. A title search will only uncover any “recorded liens” on a property. We provide Florida & Nationwide property research for municipal liens & debts. Visit: Property Lien Search

HOA Estoppel Letter

When the subject property is part of a Homeowners’ Association or a Condo Association an HOA Estoppel certificate or letter is required before closing. This will discover any outstanding balances on the property that are owed to the association. Some properties belong to multiple associations. Visit HOA Estoppel Letter

Online Ordering

When you are ready to place your order we offer the convenience of Online Order Placement and tracking through PDR EZ Order, our 24/7 Client Portal. We provide advanced backend technology, which allows you to manage your Municipal Lien Searches and HOA Estoppel certificate requests with ease. Visit Order Online

Florida Lien Searches and Nationwide Municipal Lien Searches

— and HOA / Condo Estoppel Letters

Florida Lien Searches and HOA Property Estoppel Certificates are our specialties as a title support company.  Property Debt Research is the most trusted source for municipal lien searches in Florida with over 20 years of fast, reliable service researching residential and commercial real estate.  Let us search municipal property history for additional liens on a property that may not show up on your title search.

Property Debt Research provides municipal lien searches on residential and commercial real estate throughout the state of Florida and Nationwide.

We back our service with a 100% Accuracy Guarantee and a $1,000,000 E&O policy.

Our full range of Real Estate Services & Title Support include:

  • Real Estate Property Taxes
  • Municipal and County Debts
  • Code Enforcement Violations
  • Waste, Water, Sewer Balances
  • Open and Expired Permits
  • Homeowners/Condominium Association Estoppel Certificate / Letter
  • Tangible Property Taxes
  • Tax Certificate information
  • Property Debt Negotiation / Lien Resolution
  • Lien payoffs
  • Zoning Code letter
  • More…

Let us provide reports for your unrecorded municipal property lien searches.  Call us for your Florida Lien Search, Nationwide Municipal Property Lien Search, HOA Estoppel Letters, and title support requirements for your property. Service to our customers is our top priority, and our experienced staff is the best in the industry.  Serving Florida and Nationwide Title and Real Estate Professionals since 1994.

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