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Property Debt Research is the most trusted source for your Municipal Lien Searches and HOA/Condo Estoppel Certificates in Florida and Nationwide. With over 20 years in the industry, we bring you cutting edge technology, the fastest turnaround times, and a knowledge base of municipal search nuances that comes from years of experience in title support.
We recognize that the nature of the title and real estate industry is based upon accuracy and speed – two areas where Property Debt Research excels! On average, 98% of our municipal lien searches have a turnaround time of 4-5 days for Florida searches with guaranteed accuracy. No one in the industry will do it better or faster!

Property Debt Research Mission Statement

Property Debt Research's mission is HELPING PEOPLE ACHIEVE THE AMERICAN DREAM OF HOME OWNERSHIP. Property Debt Research believes in investing in the people of Florida and trying to make a difference for Florida families through Habitat for Humanity of Florida and the Florida Land Title Association (FLTA) PDR Scholarship Fund.

PDR Services

Municipal Lien Searches - Florida & Nationwide:

Our summary report details any issues or debts found on the property, provides backup documents from the municipality and lists the contact information for the department that needs to be contacted to resolve the issue. Property Debt Research guarantees our work with our $1 million E & O insurance policy.

The electronic version of our summary report even includes an interactive index so that you can quickly access the exact document you want to review in detail.

HOA and Condo Association Estoppel Letters:

Our large database of HOA and Condo Associations and our long-standing relationships with management companies and attorneys allows us to efficiently obtain HOA Estoppel Certificates on your behalf. HOA Estoppel Certificates are also backed with our 100% guarantee.

Property Information Reports aka O&E Reports:

A Property Information Report verifies the current owners of a property and provides a listing of recorded debts against the property. A Property Information Report is a non-insurance title report designed for informational purposes only.

Our customer portal, PDR EZ Order, allows you to place your search order, check order and document status online, update an order, run reports, or review the status on all your orders 24/7. PDR EZ Order is exclusive to Property Debt Research and is just one of many advancements in technology our company brings to our clients. Our goal is to ease the process of ordering and receiving searches from start to finish so that our clients can focus their time and energy on other parts of the property closing.
Our highly trained team of professionals, graduates from “PDR University” training programs, ensure that our clients’ searches are done right the first time with speed, accuracy and a smile.



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