Florida Realtors-Florida Bar Residential Contract

Update: The Florida Realtors-Florida Bar (FR-BAR, fka FAR-BAR) has revised their Residential Real Estate Contract Paragraph 9.  The intent is to define the party who will be responsible to pay for a municipal lien search, if a municipal lien search is performed. Brief Summary of 9/2014 Revised Paragraphs: 9 (a) (b) and (c): The reference…

Miami-Dade County Department of Economic Resources Letter

UPDATE: Property Debt Research now offers two options for Lot Clearing and Minimum Housing Code issues for the Miami-Dade County Department of Economic Resources Letter. This item is now an Optional letter we provide upon request. Department of Regulatory & Economic Resources Letter: – $50 for an Informal format (15 business day turnaround) OR –…

Happy Holidays from Property Debt Research

Happy Holidays 2013 from All of Us at Property Debt Research Best Wishes for the 2014 New Year  View Animated Holiday Greeting

Halloween Fun!

Property Debt Research Hopes You had a Fun and Safe Halloween!!

PDR Customer Portal Launches!

Property Debt Research is pleased to announce the launch of our all NEW Customer Portal! We have listened to your requests and included many advanced features to make your worklife easier. We invite you to test drive our new Customer Portal, PDR EZ Order, by placing a new Lien Search or Estoppel Certificate request or…

Florida Hidden Liens Bill, HB 267

Florida Hidden Liens Bill   The Florida Legislature has passed the Hidden Liens Bill, HB 267 – Real Property Liens and Conveyances, which is scheduled to go into effect on October 1, 2013. The bill is an amendment to the Recording Act, §695.01 and requires that government entities and quasi-government entities (like a C.D.D.) record…

Property Debt Research – New Website

Property Debt Research is pleased to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website! Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors with greater functionality and an easier way to learn about what we do at Property Debt Research. This product is the result of a lot of work by our management…

Happy Holidays 2012 from Property Debt Research

Happy Holidays 2012 from All of Us at Property Debt Research  

Property Debt Negotiation

New Service: Property Debt Negotiation Property Debt Negotiation is proud to announce the addition of a new service to our Products & Services offering. To Learn more about how this new service can help you and your clients see Property Debt Negotiation today!

Tangible Taxes

Tangible Taxes Florida – This tax search is applicable for every person, firm, corporation, etc. owning tangible personal property used in a business, commercial venture, or rental property. Tangible tax searches are Now Available to add to a Municipal Lien Search at an additional fee – Check our Partial Search add-on rate.

PDR EZ Order

PDR EZ Order Customer Portal: Do you want to save time, money and eliminate data entry errors? Now, in addition to our unrivaled speed, accuracy and customer service, we are thrilled to announce our newest innovation, PDR EZ Order. Learn more about PDR EZ Order.



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