HOA Estoppel Certificate or Property Estoppel

When Do I need an Estoppel Letter or Estoppel Certificate?

If the subject property is a member of a Homeowners’ Association or Condo Association, then an Estoppel letter, sometimes known as an Estoppel certificate, will need to be obtained prior to closing. HOA / Condo Association research is needed to find out if there are any outstanding balances on the property that are owed to the association that could result in an HOA lien. The outstanding balance can include past due assessments, special assessments, fees for violations through the association, legal fees, etc. Please be advised that properties can belong to more than one association. The name of the association(s) must be provided to us in order to research and obtain the estoppel letters.

Does PDR provide HOA contact information?

Yes, on our completed HOA Estoppel letters you will see the contact information for the association for further questions or reference of where the payment of outstanding dues needs to be sent.

If I want to order an Estoppel HOA search, what information do I need to provide?

In order for us to research and obtain an estoppel letter from the association, we will need for you to provide the actual name of the Condo or Homeowners Association. If you have any additional contact information for the association, you can also place that on the online order form to assist us in our search. Please note, if there are multiple associations that pertain to a specific property, please be sure to provide them all to us on the order form!

(Note: We are a 3rd party research company and do not represent the management company/HOA directly, but obtain this information on your behalf.)