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3 Reasons Why Trusting Property Debt Research is the Best Move Your Title Company Can Make

Property Debt Research (PDR) offers services to real estate professionals and title agents in Florida and across the country.  We are one of the top-rated sources your title company can use when purchasing a property. With the use of cutting-edge technology and our fast turnaround times, your real estate transaction will not only be safer but will be completed faster.

Property Debt Research wants to help people like you reach the American dream of owning your own home. These are three reasons your title company should trust our services during your next real estate transaction.

1. Municipal Lien Search

A full municipal lien search uncovers three years of the most recent tax information on the property you are considering purchasing. This search will also disclose any public assessments coming due and all utility information regarding the property. Municipal lien searches will uncover any code violations that have been done or if there are any expired or open permits on the real estate you are looking to buy.

A municipal lien search will fill in the gaps and uncover any hidden would-be liens before you close on your property. This search will reveal if any city or county fees have not yet hit public records as a lien against the property. You will have peace of mind in signing your closing documents knowing there will not be any surprise fees attached to you after you’ve gained ownership.

Property Debt Research will provide a detailed report along with all supporting documents from municipalities or departments involved. Our work is guaranteed and insured to provide you with all information needed to make a safe real estate transaction.

2. HOA/Condo Association Estoppel Letters

A HOA/Condo Association Estoppel Letter is provided by a homeowner’s association and is vital when you purchase a home within an HOA. This letter is a legally binding document when completing this type of real estate purchase. The Estoppel Letter is your means of finding out if the seller has any outstanding debt owed to the HOA. These amounts could end up with the HOA placing a lien against the property.

Property Debt Research has an extensive database of Condo and HOA Associations. We also have a long-standing relationship with attorneys and management companies that enable us to obtain HOA/Condo Association Estoppel Letters before you sign closing documents. We back the information listed on these certificates with our 100% guarantee.

3. Property Information Reports (O&E Reports)

O&E Reports or Ownership & Encumbrance Reports verify the current owner of a property from the last property purchase is the most current effective date in the property records. It verifies there are no unreleased mortgages or judgments against the property and, if available, the tax status. This report will identify:

  • The current year’s property tax information, if available
  • Any information associated with open mortgages
  • Vested deed information
  • Any unreleased owner executed mortgages against the property
  • Any judgment dockets against the seller or current property owner

Property Debt Research verifies all this information as a non-insurance report that is designed for your information only.

At PDR, we guarantee our searches are done right the first time. You will receive service that is done accurately and with a smile. If you want your real estate transaction to go smoothly and not have any hidden financial surprises after closing, ask your title company to talk to one of our professionally trained specialists before you close on your property.