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The Top 5 Technologies That Are Changing Florida Real Estate for Good

Websites and people around the water coolers have been debating for decades, what the future looks like for agents. Some say, the end of an agent’s career may be over sooner than expected as robots begin to replace human efficiency. However, most disagree with this idea because, with an agent, you create a human bond unreplaceable by a machine.

New technology constantly brings changes to the method of how you do business. Social media and apps bring information to one’s fingertips; podcasts keep people tuned in and up to date on market trends, so staying on top of the latest tech trends is essential to keeping up with real estate changes. Clients are now more knowledgeable as they can find their own information regarding demographics, school data, crime statistics, and more.

If you are a Realtor, attorney, estate broker, investor, work with a title company, or are involved in any real estate process, these are some of the latest trends in technology regarding the industry that should help you keep your business on track.

  1. New Apps

Most of those involved in selling and buying property have apps on their phone to keep information at their fingertips and easily accessible. These are some apps you may not be aware of that can make your job even more efficient.

  • Roboform
    • With Roboform, you can easily manage and store all of your passwords in one easy, secure place. This can help keep things running more efficiently and protect your data from would-be attackers.
  • Toodledo
    • This handy to-do list and task-management app allows you to organize tasks, create filters, set reminders and priority levels, and more. You can add other people to the app, which makes it ideal for sharing files.
  • Photoshop Express Editor
    • Photoshop Express is a lighter version of the famous photo-editing app that makes it easy to complete quick fixes and create graphics like collages and frames to help with marketing.
  1. Virtual Reality

The revolution has hit. Virtual reality is mainstreaming into real estate as agents begin using this technology to promote their business. Potential buyers can now go online and take a tour of properties they are interested in buying. Using reality headsets makes the experience more life-like and shows spec properties that have not even been constructed yet.

  1. Social Media

Building positive customer feedback on social media is essential to selling property online. Snapchat is available to use with geofilters when throwing an open house or targeting homebuyers. Pinterest allows you to ‘pin’ exciting and relevant topics. Facebook, the long-time favorite, is perfect for staying connected and building a community. Others that can be used to your advantage include Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

  1. Automated Property Selling

There is still the comfort of having a human voice to contact when making a property sale or purchase. For this reason, technology may not altogether remove agents from the process. However, technology has automated a lot of the purchasing and selling processes. Some of the automation in place includes:

  • Home value estimates
  • Research of neighborhood statistics
  • Home searches
  • Showing of properties

Some of the process that is still done with the human touch include:

  • Negotiations
  • Property descriptions
  • Creating contracts to protect sellers and buyers
  • Being a buffer to protect the privacy of sellers

So, while it may be possible to go online and find a property, even follow through and purchase this property, the personal touch of a human still makes it safer and easier.

  1. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI has entered healthcare, retail, and the auto industry, so it was only a matter of time before it entered real estate. Now, it’s changing the game. Machines can now help you market your listings, assist clients, and reduce your number of errors across the board. This technology will also help you predict the value of a property in the future within a specific market. AI is also able to distinguish serious buyers from those just browsing the listings.

Where to Learn More About How Technology is Affecting Florida Real Estate

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