Municipal Lien Search

For real estate due diligence, a municipal lien search is vital to obtain before closing. This property lien search ensures that home buyers and real estate investors won't find themselves trapped with any unforeseen debt. Property Debt Research leads lien search companies in Florida in these searches. PDR's reports are done so you do not have to worry about your closing being helpd back or worse leave your client open to later litigation.

Municipal lien searches look for unrecorded property issues that traditional title searches won’t find—code violations, special assessments, lienable water/sewer and solid waste balances, open and expired permits and more. While these municipal issues don't live in the public record, they still pose a liability threat to new property owners.

At Property Debt Research, we are the pros at property lien searches in Florida. So, sign up today and get a sample report and current price list. We will always make sure your lien report search is correct.

Title Search

Unlike municipal lien searches, a title search only shows what is recorded in the county public record. There are times when a buyer may be stuck in an "in-between" period where the property is racking up debt. Until proper requests are made to all relevant governing bodies before the closing process takes place, these debts and hidden fees will remain out of the sight—and control—of the buyer. Let Property Debt Research handle all your property lien searches.


Learn more about Municipal Lien Searches and why PDR is the choice of Lien Search Companies in Florida, downloadable ebook now.

Learn more about Municipal Lien Searches in our downloadable ebook


Since 2001, Property Debt Research has served the title and real estate industry as Florida's most trusted source for Municipal Lien Searches and HOA Estoppels. For nearly 2 decades, Property Debt Research has been the leader of lien search companies by providing fast, reliable service for real estate title support and residential and commercial properties. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a $1 million E&O Insurance Policy, title companies across Florida can rest assured with PDR.

This is incredibly important because a municipal lien in Florida may remain attached to a debtor’s property (even if the property changes hands) for ten years or more. Relevant statute(s) can be found at Fla. Stat. Ann. Sections 55.202 to .205, 55.081, 55.10.



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