Changes in the 2017 FR/BAR Contract drive NEW PRODUCT introduction for Property Debt Research.

New Product Name:  Muni Search Lite

As the leader in the Municipal Lien Search industry, Property Debt Research (PDR) has been keeping up to date with the changes in the proposed revised FR/BAR 2017 real estate contract that debuted today, April 4, 2017  and may impact your business.

Property-Debt-Research-HdqrtsSpecifically, Paragraph 9(c) of the new contract defines a Municipal Lien Search as“a search of records necessary for the owner’s policy of title insurance to be issued without exception for unrecorded liens imposed pursuant to Chapters 159 or 170, F.S. in favor of any governmental body, authority, or agency.”
  • Unpaid municipal or county service charges for assessments for water, sewer, gas, electric fees and discovering municipal special assessments recorded in an Improvements Lien Book but not recorded in county public records.
  • Municipal Lien Search is due at the same time as title evidence

There are TWO KEY POINTS associated with this statement:

Point #1 – The definition DOES NOT include building permit searches which reveal open or expired permits as these do NOT have an effect on title.

Point #2 – Permit Searches by the BUYER must be conducted within the INSPECTION PERIOD, and not by the Title Evidence Deadline. Paragraph 12 (d) (i) of the contract says “Buyer may have an inspection and examination of records and documents made to determine whether there exist any open or expired building permits……… Buyer shall WITHIN THE INSPECTION PERIOD, deliver written notice to Seller of the existence of any open or expired building permits.

Resolution of the discovered permits then is determined by the type of contract “Repair/Limitation vs As Is”.

Therefore, PDR now offers two products that are positioned perfectly to help our clients navigate this new contract in the case where either the BUYER or the SELLER take responsibility to order the permit search up front.

MUNI SEARCH LITE which will retain PDR’s rigorous standards as our regular Municipal Lien Search but will NOT INCLUDE a Permit Search nor real estate taxes. This search will be at a discounted price from our current full Municipal Lien Search.

Permit Search Only: PDR has always offered a PERMIT SEARCH ONLY option as a product listing. We highly encourage you to direct the buyers to order this search UP FRONT at the time of contract from PDR, the most thorough and trusted source in the market.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please contact our customer relations team at (877) 543-6669 ext. 219

Reference Source: FloridaRealtors/FloridaBar Residential Contract and As Is companion

Trust Your Municipal Lien Searches to The Best!

Property Debt Research recently received what turned out to be an interesting municipal lien search request from a Florida title company. They ordered a Municipal Lien Search for a $116,000 Florida residential property. The results were amazing and a bit frightening. Property Debt Research completed the municipal lien search on the property and through our research, we discovered over $522,000 in fines. house-liens-fees

High municipal liens and debts on properties are common enough to warrant caution and to take steps to protect your client. Recently we ran a Municipal lien search for a $90,000 Florida property and through our research we discovered over $150,000 in Code Enforcement Violations, Fees, and Liens.

Fortunately the title companies in both cases protected their clients by obtaining an $85 Municipal Lien Search from Property Debt Research.

It seems the $85 search fee (plus hard costs) was a small price to pay for this information and its timely delivery. Could the title companies do the research in-house? Yes, if they had decided to dedicate their staff to non-revenue producing projects. Would you rather have your company focus on revenue producing projects or administrative functions?

Be sure to include a Municipal Lien Search when you are doing your Florida title search discovery.  Our research reports help protect a person’s homeownership rights.

Be a Hero for your client and always get a Municipal Lien Search before closing!

Fort Myers, FL — March 1, 2017Property Debt Research, The Municipal Lien Search Company, announced today their client portal is fully integrated with the Landtech Data settlement software platform.  This integration ensures a best-in-class user experience for the shared customers of both companies.

“Property Debt Research is proud to partner with Landtech Data closing software.  We believe that this integration is an excellent fit for our mutual clients who need to streamline their processes to reduce redundant data entry.  This integration delivers a solution that provides convenience and accelerated service to end users,” said Bruce Russell, CEO, Property Debt Research. “
Property Debt Research’s technology investments focus on making their customers successful by saving them time and money.  The partnership between Landtech Data and Property Debt Research combines complementary services and technologies that will enhance the ability of settlement agents to respond quickly to market demands.

Landtech Data Corporation has always been a leader in technology. This latest integration with Property Debt Research is another example of our continued endeavor to stay ahead of the curve, and provide solutions that will enhance the end user experience. With the click of a mouse, Landtech users can now order Municipal Lien Searches and HOA/COA Estoppel letters in Florida and Nationwide,” said Benjamin Bell, Managing Partner, Landtech Data.

About Property Debt Research

Property Debt Research, the leader in Municipal Lien Search reports, has over 20 years of service to real estate professionals. They are ranked in the top half of the Inc.5000 list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. The company specializes in researching unrecorded municipal liens and debt on commercial and residential properties in Florida and Nationwide.   They also provide HOA Estoppel letter research for properties across the country.  Property Debt Research offers exceptional client service and competitive rates.  All Property Debt Research reports are 100% Guaranteed and backed by a $1 million E&O insurance policy.

Property Debt Research serves title companies, real estate attorneys, financial institutions, settlement agents, and real estate investors in Florida and throughout the United States.  As part of the settlement services industry, they provide research services nationally for real estate transactions and closings.  They are headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida.
In addition to years of experience and a million-dollar E&O insurance policy, Property Debt Research has also invested significantly in a streamlined customer portal, which makes ordering and tracking municipal taxes and debt search reports easy, fast, and available 24/7.

About Landtech Data

Landtech Data Corporation was founded in 1979 and incorporated in 1986.  Landtech offered the first real estate settlement system for the Personal Computer. Since those early beginnings, Landtech has become one of the nation’s largest providers of real estate settlement systems to a whole host of users engaged in the financial, real estate, and loan closing process.
The Landtech Data Mission Statement is very simple.  They strive for Excellence in Engineering! Landtech takes the time to incorporate the features which are meaningful in your use of the Landtech System. Their emphasis is to create the finest real estate settlement system available. To learn more, visit:

Property Debt Research | Hdqrtrs: 6801 Palisades Park Court, Fort Myers, FL 33912
239-274-1272 | Toll-Free: 877-543-6669
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Fort Myers, FL,Habitat for Humanity helps families January 31, 2017 — Property Debt Research, The Municipal Lien Search Company, announced today their partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Florida to support their goal of helping people achieve the American Dream of home ownership. Property Debt Research has committed to providing financial support, encouraging and enabling employee volunteers, and promoting advocacy for Habitat programs throughout all 67 Florida counties. Continue Reading →

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Property Debt Research Announces a Partnership with Closer’s Choice closing software.

Property Debt Research, The Municipal Lien Search Company, has integrated with Closers’ Choice Services Gateway. This partnership provides users of Closers’ Choice the ability to place orders and received completed Municipal Lien Search reports and HOA Estoppel letters directly through the Closers’ Choice platform.

To Learn More Please View the Full Press Release at:

Property Debt Research Partners with Closers’ Choice

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Property Debt Research named to Inc.5000Property Debt Research is named to the Inc.5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies List for 2016! We are excited and honored to be included in this prestigious list of trend setting and successful companies. Property Debt Research is ranked in the top half of the Inc.5000 list.

We are grateful to our clients and employees for this award and look forward to many years of continued excellence and growth.

View our profile on Property Debt Research – INC.5000 (Best viewed in Internet Explorer)

Please view our Press Release at:  Property Debt Research – Inc.5000

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