Property Information Reports

 O&E Reports or Ownership and Encumbrances

Property Information Reports, also known as Ownership and Encumbrance Reports / O&E Reports, are a form of property research report that identifies the last recorded owner of a property, a legal description of the property, and open recorded liens that affect the title including mortgages, judgments, lis pendens, etc.

PDR O&E ReportsA Property Information Report or O&E Report is a simplified non-insurance title report designed for informational purposes only.  It does not serve as or replace title insurance. This report is not intended to be used in conjunction with the issuance of a title insurance policy. The Property Information Report / O&E report is a view of public records at a specific point in time.

“This report is not title insurance. Pursuant to s. 627.7843, Florida Statutes, the maximum liability of the issuer of this property information report for errors or omissions in this property information report is limited to the amount paid for this property information report, and is further limited to the person(s) expressly identified by name in the property information report as the recipient(s) of the property information report.”
Source: Florida HB359

This informational report is frequently used by those in real estate investing or homeowners who want to check open liens existing against a property.

At Property Debt Research we offer three (3) types of Property Information / O&E Reports for Properties in Florida:

  • Property Information Reports One Owner Report – This report goes back one owner
  • Property Information 24 Report – This report goes back one owner and if that owner has held the property for less than 24 months, the report will include all owners in the past 24 months
  • Property Information 36 Report – Same as the O&E 24 Report except the search goes back 36 months

Our turnaround times for these reports is 24 hours for Florida Properties.  This rapid turn time makes the report particularly valuable to real estate investors on a tight schedule or for those involved in real estate auctions.  Check pricing for these reports on our Client Portal Order form.

What does the Property Debt Research Property Information Report / O&E Report include?

  • All mortgages and deeds back to the most recent bona fide sale for current vested owner(s) showing 100% ownership
  • Marriage licenses, divorces, death certificates and/or probate records need to complete chain of title (as available through public county records)
  • Open voluntary liens for vested owners(s) of the subject property
  • Assignments, subordination agreements, and modifications for open voluntary liens
  • Open involuntary liens filed against the subject property during the scope of the search
  • Open involuntary liens filed against the current vested owner(s), based on state statute
  • System or County Effective date of corresponding county

Not Included in Property Information Report / O&E Report:

Outside Florida Property Information/O&E Reports:
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