Productivity Management

5 Productivity Tips for Title Companies Looking to Grow

The title insurance industry has seen a lot of attention in recent years. Some newer regulations have impacted the industry and have changed some of the traditional approaches we were counting on to work with mortgage providers, developers, and real estate attorneys. Whether or not you agree with any new restrictions, it is clear that as a title company you have to begin pivoting your strategies in this new era. These are five tips to help your title company’s productivity growth.

1. Marketing Strategies for Title Companies to Utilize to Help Them Grow

If you leverage an online presence, promote and create helpful and educational content, you can better target your perfect client without ever leaving the office. You can show what you offer and how valuable it is to your audience, so they come searching for your services.

There are rules and regulations you have to follow as a title company. Federal and state laws can make it difficult for title companies to grow through their marketing efforts. Going online is still allowed, and more than thirty-five percent homebuyers make offers on property without seeing them. Businesses also use the internet to access information when looking for potential partners. You should consider incorporating social media pages like Facebook and a robust website for your company to make sure you are in front of as many opportunities as possible.

2. How the Internet Can Increase Your Title Company’s Productivity 

The majority of internet traffic comes from Google traffic, so you must win at SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)  SEO is not going to be something you set and then forget. You will want to research keywords used by your clients when looking for solutions to their problems, such as with their lien searches. You will then use this information to optimize your website. This process must be on-going, so your website becomes the solution clients find during their online search.

3. Offer Your Clients Valuable Content to Increase Your Productivity

Demonstrate through a blog on your website which services your company provides. Show them you have a solution to the answers they seek, and that you are an authority in the industry. Even though your clients seek an online connection, remember they still want to conduct business on a personal level. Make your blog reach out in this manner, so your clients feel connected to you and that you understand their needs.

There is a 4-1-1 rule to social sharing which is good to follow. The rule is that for every one piece of your content shared, you should share four pieces of content from other sources relevant to your client’s needs, along with one more piece of sales-related content about your services.

4. Plan for the Long-Term to Increase your Title Company’s Productivity

When you create an effective digital marketing strategy for your title company, you have to exercise experimentation and patience. It can start slow, but in the long-term, the impact you will have on your productivity will be worth your wait. Almost thirty-five percent of homebuyers make an offer for a new home without seeing the property in person. Millennials have increased that percentage to more than forty-five percent. With the introduction of e-closing software, you can now complete an entire estate transaction as a virtual experience.

5. Utilize Tools to Help with Your Title Company’s Productivity Increase

You may not have the time to create all the online information you need to see your title company’s productivity increase. There are tools to help you, and many have free trials or free versions to see if the product will be a good fit for your company. Website design and content management software can help you create sleek and simple managing content. There is also email marketing software, which is excellent for small businesses.

Another area of a title company’s responsibility is to conduct lien searches. These can be time-consuming and difficult. Property Debt Research is a trusted source when you have to do lien searches. With the use of cutting-edge technology, we can promise fast turnarounds, which is another way for your title company to increase your productivity. When you get quick results on lien searches, you can finish your client’s documents more efficiently and faster.