5 qualities of PDR

5 Standout Qualities That Make Property Debt Research a Trusted Resource for Florida’s Title Companies

When handling your real estate transactions, you need quality services for conducting property debt research. Having a municipal lien search done on a property that is for sale will determine if there are any unrecorded and outstanding debts or issues on the property. Property Debt Research will perform a search for any:

  • Delinquent real estate property taxes
  • Code violations imposed on the property
  • Permit issues outstanding on the property
  • Whether or not there are any special assessments attached to the property
  • If there are any unpaid garbage, water, or sewer balances
  • Any county or city debts outstanding

Municipalities across the country and the State of Florida have ever-changing debts they can assess on a property, and you don’t want to miss any. Missing one of these outstanding debts could put you at risk of thousands of dollars for unrecorded liens. Here are five standout qualities for why you want to have Property Debt Research work with Florida title companies.

1. Florida title companies are given detailed reports concerning any debts or issues found on a Florida property. This report will also provide you with the department you need to contact to resolve any issues uncovered. This guaranteed report has an E & O insurance coverage. Along with this report, you receive an electronic version of the summary with an interactive index to access the exact document you need to review.

2. Florida title companies are provided with the HOA & Condo Estoppel Certificates you need when handling your real estate transactions. Property Debt Research has a long-standing relationship with attorneys and management companies who can access these documents. We guarantee this information 100%.

3. Florida title companies appreciate the property information report created by Property Debt Research as it gives them and the new property owners a listing of debts recorded against the property. This report is a non-insurance document provided for informational purposes.

4. Florida title companies find our customer portal easy, informative, and convenient. The PDR EZ Order system allows Florida title companies to place new orders, track the progress of your searches, download completed reports and review invoices. ,  This advanced technology provides Florida title companies with easy access to their search results from the start of the process to the finish.

5. Florida title companies can rest assured that our highly trained professionals have the experience and knowledge needed to perform quality work. Associates who have completed the PDR Training Program will ensure Florida title companies that their search is done right and promptly with accuracy and a smile.

Property Debt Research understands the nature of the real estate industry and how materials and information are needed quickly and accurately. Our company excels in these areas and will provide Florida title companies a turnaround time of four to five days. You won’t find anyone else in the industry who works harder to provide   you a faster result.