Industry Update: DFS Guidance on Third-Party Fees

On February 14, the Florida Department of Financial Services revised and replaced their recent interpretation regarding third party fees.  Per the new DFS statement “Title agencies are permitted to charge the third-party fees as long as the consumer has been notified.”

Thank you to the FLTA for their immediate action and commitment to all title insurance agents and agencies.

The updated guidance can be found at the link below:



Property Debt Research (PDR) will continue to follow DFS guidance on third-party fees. Should you need an immediate solution for these guidelines, PDR has a Pay Outside of Closing option for Municipal Lien searches that can be implemented at your request.

Meanwhile, while the underwriters and other members of the title industry work with FLTA to gain additional clarification on this guidance, PDR has already begun developing an advanced automation solution to be implemented once the guidance discussions are finalized.

PDR’s solutions provide the ability for your seller/buyer to pay for their Municipal Lien search outside of the closing and save you from increasing your closing fee due to third party fees.

Please feel free to contact our Client Relations team at (877) 543-6669 or should you have any additional for questions of additional information regarding our existing Pay Outside of Closing option.