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Property Debt Research Title Software Integrations

The title industry is rife with ever-changing standards, features, and – as a result – needs. With the constant stream of technological innovation facing the title industry every day, it’s important (and increasingly difficult) to stay ahead of the game. That’s precisely where we at Property Debt Research come in.

At PDR, our goal is simple: to make our clients’ jobs easier. And, in our eternally shifting modern market, that means making sure our clients are not only up to date with the latest technological innovations, but also as well-equipped as possible to master them.  This is why we continue to invest heavily into our technology platform with regular updates and enhancements meant to maximize your productivity.

The Beauty of Software Integrations

Since more and more of the title business moves online every day, our aim is to be well-equipped with a number of software integrations tailored to make every step of your process easier. For this reason, a significant portion of our tech enhancements include creating title software program integrations.

The benefit of software integration is that it allows for complex workflows and activities to be simplified. By integrating with several top-tier title software platforms, PDR is empowering our valued clients to complete tasks that used to involve multiple complicated steps with just the click of a mouse! These now-simpler-than-ever tasks include Municipal Lien Searches, Estoppel Certificates, and Property Information Report requests.

Closer’s Choice

Our integration with Closer’s Choice allows you to easily order Lien Searches in just a couple of clicks. Once a search is complete, the associated documents automatically populate into your file in Closer’s Choice.


By integrating with the title and escrow production software ResWare, PDR allows you to automate your workflows, streamline your procedures, and secure your client communications in order to get things done more quickly than ever.


Landtech is a powerful software offering real estate settlement and closing applications for the title, escrow, and financial industry. We’ve integrated with them to help you take care of these needs with the utmost efficiency and security.


Qualia is an efficient, multi-purpose platform that streamlines every step of a closing. We’ve integrated with them in order to give our clients a one-stop shop to make every step of their closing process more efficient.


With the SnapClose – PDR integration, our clients can generate settlement documents faster than ever, collaborating with as many parties as necessary to move your closing along.

We’re thrilled to be making these game-changing integrations available to our clients, and we’re excited for what’s on the horizon! Later this year, we will be announcing the addition of two more integrations to add to the list (stay tuned!).

The best part? PDR is committed to taking your business to the next level in more ways than one. That’s why we absorb all transaction fees charged by our integration partners at no cost to you! We encourage our clients to leverage these powerful technological tools alongside PDR in order to make your business more efficient and streamlined than ever before. PDR then takes these integrations to the next level by absorbing all the transaction fees charged by our integration partners at no cost to you!

Please contact our award-winning client relations team at info@propertydebtresearch.com or (877) 543-6669 to learn more about utilizing these integrations to simplify your daily activities.