Why Pay for a Municipal Lien Search?

Property Debt Research recently received what turned out to be an interesting municipal lien search request from a Florida title company. They ordered a Municipal Lien Search for a $116,000 Florida residential property. The results were amazing and a bit frightening. Property Debt Research completed the municipal lien search on the property and through our research, we discovered over $522,000 in fines.

High municipal liens and debts on properties are common enough to warrant caution and to take steps to protect your client. Recently we ran a Municipal lien search for a $90,000 Florida property and through our research we discovered over $150,000 in Code Enforcement Violations, Fees, and Liens.

Fortunately the title companies in both cases protected their clients by obtaining an $85 Municipal Lien Search from Property Debt Research.

It seems the $85 search fee (plus hard costs) was a small price to pay for this information and its timely delivery. Could the title companies do the research in-house? Yes, if they had decided to dedicate their staff to non-revenue producing projects. Would you rather have your company focus on revenue producing projects or administrative functions?

Be sure to include a Municipal Lien Search when you are doing your Florida title search discovery.  Our research reports help protect a person’s homeownership rights.

Be a Hero for your client and always get a Municipal Lien Search before closing!