Our experts know the intricacies of Homeowner Association assessments, fees, and code violation fines. Let our legal professionals negotiate a fair settlement.

Our Property Debt Settlement Lawyers will negotiate the best settlement for you and work with you from first contact to anything short of trial.

Many companies offer Property Debt Negotiation or Lien Resolution services, but few offer Attorney Negotiators.
Don’t settle for less.

We can assist you with:

  • Reducing excessive HOA & Condo Association fees
  • Preventing escalating attorney fees
  • Validating and minimizing fine amounts for code violations
  • Disallowing questionable charges
  • Saving you valuable time studying the ever-changing rules and regulations

We will work with you to get dismissed or reduced fees. Since HOA statutes and code violations vary widely by jurisdiction throughout the state of Florida, let the experts handle the work at an affordable rate.
Our team of professionals keep track of changing rules and regulations on a daily basis.

Don’t let the “Gotchas” slow you down.

Let us help mitigate your Property Debt Settlement challenges.

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Recent Case Example:

HOA Amount Due:
Settlement Amount:
$ 5,000
$ 7,435
(Results will vary)