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Our Full Range of Services include:

Municipal and County Debts/Special Assessments
Many cities/counties have special assessments that are levied against a property. These assessments may be paid off in intervals on the annual tax bill (until paid in full), or may have the balance due in full when there is a transfer of ownership. Our office determines which assessments need to be paid-off at closing and alerts you to the balance owed. Examples of assessments levied by a municipality may be street lighting or paving. We even alert you in our Comments section of the Invoice Summary Page if a particular municipality does not provide us with information on an assessment.

Utility Balances (includes Water, Sewer, Storm Water, Solid Waste)
On the utility search portion of the file we research to find the providers for the water, sewer, storm-water and solid waste on the property and obtain the balances of any debts owed for these services. We request information on account name, status of account, amount owed, the good through date, account ledger showing a breakdown of the fees, and if the outstanding balance is lienable to the property or if the account holder will be sent to collections instead (non-lienable).

Real Estate Property Tax
Our office performs a search with the county Tax Collector's office to verify: 1) if the taxes for the current year are paid/unpaid, 2) if delinquent taxes on previous years exist, and 3) that tax deeds do not exist on the property. Property taxes become due November 1st each year. The search for the Real Estate Property Taxes comes standard with the municipal lien search.

— Community Development District (CDD's)
If a Community Development District is included on the tax bill, we will notate this information on our Invoice Summary page. Should you wish for PDR to obtain a payoff on the CDD, please send your request to requesting the payoff.

— Garbage costs included on Tax Bill
If the garbage costs are collected on the tax bill, our Invoice Summary page will notate this for your review.

Tangible Tax
This tax search is applicable for every person, firm, corporation, etc. owning tangible personal property used in a business, commercial venture, or rental property. Tangible tax searches are available to add to a municipal search at an additional fee - See fee structure under Select Individual Services on our Order Online page.

Code Enforcement
Our code enforcement search is based on existing violations, citations or other enforcement matters currently on record with the municipality. Some of the most common issues reported are: lot mowing, unsafe structures, property maintenance violations, animal service violations, abandoned vehicles, etc.

In addition, there are a few municipalities which offer services for on-site inspections of the property at an additional fee. If this additional search feature is available with the municipality, we will notate this in our comments section on the Invoice Summary page. If you would like for us to perform this additional search, please let us know in writing. We do not charge for this service; we only pass on to you the fee the municipality charges to do the inspection.

Please note a large number of municipalities will not provide to us any information on code liens, as they have advised to view the title search for this information. Should a code lien appear on your title search, please send a copy of the lien to requesting a payoff. (Payoffs cannot be obtained for violations that are still open and/or accruing fines.)

— Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources (formerly Team Metro)
An in-house search has been conducted by Property Debt Research for any properties currently located in, or once located in, Unincorporated Miami-Dade County. The county departments searched in our report include: Lot Clearing, Solid Waste, Minimum Housing, Unsafe Structures, Building & Neighborhood Compliance and Expired Permits. However, should your office require an official letter regarding a search of the Miami-Dade County code records, a letter from the Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources will need to be obtained. Please be advised, the county charges a fee of $250.00 for the letter and their response can take
up to 25 business days.

Permit Searches
Our office conducts a search of the subject property for any open and/or expired permit information on record with the municipality. Any permits that are not properly closed with the building department can often have fees associated with resolving these matters and will hold up a closing.

Homeowners/Condominium Estoppel Letters
We obtain an estoppel questionnaire from either the association or management company for the Homeowners or Condo Association name provided to us. Should the file be in collections with the association attorney, we will also obtain the attorney payoff letter as well. Our estoppel questionnaire forms are very thorough and include important information regarding violations, special assessments, additional associations for the subject property, insurance, association approval, etc. In addition, we also make all efforts to obtain the ledger breakdown, W-9's, and notice to the owners of a special assessment (if applicable). If any findings indicate that this property may pay to another association (not provided by the client) we will automatically research and request this information unless otherwise specifically instructed not to do so.

Property Debt Negotiation
Our real estate debt settlement lawyers will work with you to negotiate the best settlement of HOA fees and code violation fines. Learn more about our Property Debt Negotiation service.